Live, nationwide platform for student musicians and bands to perform original music, celebrating songwriting and musicianship. Many of NZ’s most beloved musicians have had their formative musical experiences on a Smokefreerockquest stage.

Live, nationwide platform for student musicians and bands that recognises and celebrates the unique cultural identities of Aotearoa and the South Pacific. This platform champions Māori & Pasifika sounds, reo and stories being showcased onstage.

Live, nationwide platform for primary and intermediate student bands to perform original music or covers in a professional, fun and supportive environment.

Nationwide performing arts platform for students of all ages, celebrating Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Culture & Technology in student-led live stage shows.

Nationwide wearable arts platform for student designers of all ages, with garments showcased at Showquest events. Produced in collaboration with our friends at World of WearableArt.

Online short filmmaking platform for high school students. Films are inspired by film briefs designed by film industry stalwarts.

Online photography platform for students of all ages. Celebrating storytelling through photography and editing.